Are there placement delays for any other populations or services?

Outpatient admissions, in most cases, can be completed within 7 business days. The only exception is for outpatient methadone maintenance where the delay could be as long as a few months. In these cases, a residential Detox and Rehab will be offered in lieu of placement on a waiting list for methadone maintenance services. In all cases, an injection drug user will be placed in service within 120 days of their assessment. 

For pregnant women, the standard employed is treatment on demand, thus resulting in immediate placement. In most other cases residential placement can occur within a few days of your request. Pregnant women and women with children may also be referred, as needed, for ancillary services including primary, prenatal and pediatric care, special needs counseling and age-appropriate interventions for their children. 

When a slight delay is unavoidable you will be encouraged, as a preventive measure, to seek HIV Counseling and Testing as well as TB Testing and Treatment. These services can be obtained at one of three Montgomery County Office of Public Health sites listed: 

Human Services Center 
1430 DeKalb Pike
website information 

364 King Street
website information

Willow Grove
102 Old York Road, Suite 401
website information

In addition, individuals can also secure childhood immunizations at these Montgomery County Office of Public Health sites.

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