Kevin R. Steele, District Attorney

Kevin Steele has been the District Attorney of Montgomery County since 2016. Since then, he has continued his nearly 30-year commitment as a prosecutor to seeking justice—for victims, for defendants and for the community. As District Attorney, Steele has been smart but tough on crime and has created and implemented innovative programs that provide a second chance to deserving offenders. Steele and his team of detectives, prosecutors and staff have worked to proactively attack crime in Montgomery County, especially tackling the opioid-heroin-fentanyl crisis in multiple ways as well as focusing on illegal firearms and domestic and relationship violence. But at the same time, the DA’s Office has continued efforts to reduce crime through education and prevention.  

A career prosecutor, Steele thrives on seeking justice by trying cases. Along with his duties as District Attorney, he continues to personally prosecute cases in court. This year, he prosecuted Commonwealth v. Lawrence Crawley, a horrific relationship violence homicide case where the defendant was found guilty and sentenced to life plus 9 to 18 years. In the last few years, Steele prosecuted Commonwealth v. Kevin Stillman, an illegal firearms case, and Commonwealth v. Kathleen Kane, the former attorney general of Pennsylvania, who was found guilty of perjury, obstruction of justice and leaking confidential Grand Jury information.

These cases were just three of thousands that Steele has handled in his 29 years as a prosecutor. His prosecutions have involved all types of charges: homicide, drug trafficking, robberies, firearms offenses, sexual assaults and many others. In 2019, he was inducted into the prestigious American College of Trial Lawyers for his trial advocacy. He is also committed to victims and victims’ rights, and as such was honored with the 2019 Pennsylvania Governor’s Pathfinder Award for his commitment to victims and victim services.

Throughout his career, Steele has been committed to community involvement and public service. He was recently appointed President of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association and serves on its Executive Board. He is Chairman of the Executive Board of the Liberty Mid-Atlantic High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. Steele is the Board Vice President of Penn Wynne-Overbrook Hills Fire Company as well as a board member of the Baldwin School, Mission Kids Child Advocacy Center and the Montgomery County Child Advocacy Project. Steele was given the Hometown Hero Award by the 76ers for his work with Big Brothers/Big Sisters. He is a longtime Penn State alumni volunteer, serving on the Penn State Board of Trustees (2017–2019), as the Penn State Alumni Association President (2015–2017) and on the PSAA Alumni Council (2005–2019). Steele is an adjunct faculty member at Cabrini University and the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Institute. 

Kevin Steele