Boards and Commissions


Point of contact: LeeAnn Moyer 

Purpose: To provide governance and advisement to the Managed Care Office on issues related to behavioral health in Montgomery County

Meeting Frequency: Must meet at least 4 times per year and generally meets monthly

Requirements: 7 members and operates in accordance with the by-laws of the board

Citizen Advisory Committee for the Office of CHILDREN AND YOUTH 

Point of contact: Roberto Duarte 

Purpose: The advisory committee shall make recommendations on matters referred by the OCY executive team and shall suggest policies for the agency’s operation and development. The advisory committee shall advise the executive team on the development of the OCY Services Plan and Budget Estimate.

Meeting Frequency: The board is required to meet monthly and meets at the Human Service Center, Innovation Room (1st Floor) in Norristown at 12:00 pm on the first Monday of the month.

Requirements: Board consists of up to 16 members and membership shall be representative of the county’s population in relation to race and gender.


Point of contact: Kay McGowan

Purpose: To advise the County Office of Drug & Alcohol (SCA) on issues related to substance use in Montgomery County.

Meeting Frequency: The board is required to meet 11 times per year with no more than 60 days between two meetings

Requirements: 11 to 15 members which must include members from 6 different backgrounds: Criminal justice, Business or industry, Labor, Education, Medicine, and Psycho-Social Professional.  The remaining members should be representative of the following areas student, elderly, client, and community. The following other requirements must also be met.

  • No more than 60% of the Council composition may be of the same sex
  • Appointments to Council; each member shall be appointed for a period of three years. Of the members initially appointed, 5 members shall be appointed for a period of 1 year; 4 members shall be appointed for a period of 2 years and the remaining members for a period of 3 years.
  • Any vacancy occurring in the membership of the Council shall be filled by the local authorities for the unexpired period within 60 days.

Board of Health 

Point of contact:  Toyca Williams

Purpose: The Board of Health shall advise the health director matters that he/she brings before it and it shall exercise the rule-making power conferred upon the county department of health by establishing rules and regulations for the prevention of disease, for the prevention and removal of conditions, which constitute a menace to health, and for the promotion and preservation of the public health generally.

Meeting Frequency: At least 4 times per year

Requirements: The county commissioners shall appoint five resident citizens, two of whom shall be physicians licensed to practice in Pennsylvania.

Mental Health/Developmental Disabilities/Early Intervention    

Point of contact:  Pamela Howard 

Purpose:  The purpose of the Montgomery County Mental Health- Developmental Disabilities Board is to advise and support the County Commissioners, the MH/DD Administrator, and the County Office of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities in coordination and development of programs in Montgomery County.  Board Members are elected into the Board and serve for three years. The Board supports plans and policies designed to enhance quality, comprehensiveness, availability, and efficient operations of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities services for residents of Montgomery County.  

Meeting Frequency: Quarterly basis

Requirements: Up to 13 members, two must be physicians, other members shall be from professional fields of psychology, social work, nursing, education, religion, from local general hospitals, local health organizations, local citizen organizations active in field of mental health and other interested community groups.  The members of the Board consist of family members, professionals, and individuals in recovery.  


Point of contact: Ruth Fairbanks-Harper 

Purpose: To provide oversight for the initiation of new programs and the operation of existing services to assure high quality as well as fairness for all consumers

Meeting Frequency: The board meets monthly on the 3rd Friday of each month 10 months a year (no meetings in the summer)

Requirements: Board of 18 members meeting the following requirements 1) More than 50% of members must be at least 60 years old and be either using AAS services or be of greatest economic or social need 2) At least one elected official 3) General public.



Developmental Disabilities Committee